At Intelligent Buildings we feel very fortunate to have success as measured by more than just business accomplishments. We have great employees, great customers and great industry friends resulting in a deeply rewarding culture both inside and outside the company. With humility as one of our company values, these successes remind us that we need to both give back and pay it forward.

We are not only a company but also a corporate citizen as well as a group of special individuals. We have found our most meaningful charitable efforts have come from those special individuals. Each of the categories and items below have been created, developed and managed by our employees through comments, suggestions, requests and our Social Responsibility Committee.
We engage and contribute in three ways:

Financial Resources

We provide charitable donation matching. Whether an employee donates actual money or just their time, the company will donate a corresponding amount of money. In other words, if an employee cannot, or chooses not to give money, they can still direct a hard dollar donation from the company that corresponds to their way of giving.

Industry Knowledge

We programmatically share our knowledge of real estate, energy, technology and business through school programs, guest lecturing, pro bono consulting work and mentoring services. We have long standing relationships with academia and not for profit groups as well as formal mentor-protoge arrangements.

Employee Time

We offer organized individual and group activities for the entire company to participate in, on company time that are not industry related. This could include such activities as Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank, Homeless shelters and other categories aimed at those in need. We avoid politics and advocacy to focus on the most basic human needs of hunger, shelter, health and hope.