Core building systems (HVAC, lighting, metering etc.) technology has materially changed in recent years,which creates both risk and opportunity for your development’s financial and strategic objectives.

The changes have occurred faster than the traditional real estate support structure such as architects, engineers and contractors could keep up. Modern-day controls systems such as HVAC, lighting and metering, are run by computer servers, networks and remote access yet most organizations haven’t integrated information technology (IT) into design, construction and operations and have not subsequently aligned internal departments. That creates risks that the generational skills gaps will create greater capital expenses or project delays and then lead further to rising operational and maintenance costs. Additionally, there are increasing electronic security risks that can be addressed during development.

However, when properly addressed the current generation of core building systems can be leveraged to create numerous advantages such as:

   · Data driven decision-making
   · Higher Asset Utilization
   · Reduced capital& operational cost structure
   · Risk identification and management
   · Brand support and enhancement
   · Sustainability

We have a proven 5 step process that has been applied to billions of dollars in real estate development projects including “the smartest office building in America”, corporate headquarters, dense residential, mixed use and other project types.

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