Existing portfolios are often caught in a financial paradox with the need or desire to improve customer experience, lower operational costs and become more sustainable – without spending substantial capital. History has shown the way to address that financial paradox is with low cost, high value solutions that focus on softer technology and human behavior. This approach should lead you to a “data driven” portfolio where you get, analyze and act on previously untapped data through cloud-based building analytics.

Building data such as the thousands of “points” of information available in an HVAC, lighting and metering system can be analyzed to generate “faults” that tell us what to repair to gain energy and operational efficiency. This is previously untapped data that is like gold trapped in a vein until it’s unlocked. You can use this data to 1) eliminate energy draining faults 2) keep buildings tuned to lock in energy savings 3) make better decisions when deploying capital.

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